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You Should See Me In A Crown
by Leah Johnson

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This book touches on the struggles of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ peoples struggles in a small town. The lead character learns to get out of her shell and see her own beauty and talents. Represents anxiety incredibly.

Owl Diaries 10- Eva and Baby Mo
by Rebecca Elliott Owl Diaries Series

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Eva is excited to babysit her little brother, Mo when her parents are in need to go out and dance together! She and her friends prepare bug candy snacks, a puppet show, and a song to sing him to sleep. They are ready for ANYTHING! But soon, Eva discovers that taking care of a little baby is a BIG job than she thought it would be. But she and her friends take care of it.

Out Of My Mind
by Sharon Draper

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Fun book that made you think about others.

One Of Us Is Next
by Karen M. Mcmanus

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The book is really great I like the conflict and how relating this book can be.

Bed Bath And Beyond- cozy home faved
by Bed Bath And Beyond

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This magazine captures the essence of home. What i saw in this magazine is a mix of coupons on medicine and bedding. I also saw a bunch of tools that families can use over this coronavirus time like, a water filter and a coffee machine! There was also prices in the magazine under the products.

Red White And Royal Blue
by Casey Mcquiston

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This book was one of my favorite reads this year :-) Following a young bisexual, biracial teenager through his journey of love and self-discovery in the eyes of the public. There's painful angst that pays off for beautiful romance. A great example of YA queer literature.

How To Stop Time
by Matt Haig

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I can see why the film rights were snatched up before the book even hit the shelves! An light, but enjoyable read.

Because Of Winn Dixie By Kate Dicamillo
by Kate Dicamillo Books

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My book review is that, Opal went to the grocery story to get some milk. She heard a loud clatter and so she went to check it out, there she saw a dog and took him in. She took him home and washed him up real good. Opal's father said yes to keeping the dog. She was new to town and didn't have any friends. She went to the store to get a leash for Winn-Dixie but she couldn’t afford it so she got a job there. Her boss and Opal slowly became friends. There was this storm and that’s when they learned about Winn-Dixie’s phobia of storms. She went to the library to get a book and she slowly became friends with the librarian. She became friends with this girl who used to listen to the stories the librarian told. One day Winn-Dixie ran off to this house which people called the witch's house. Opal chased after him and became friends with the “witch”. They threw a block party and invited everyone they knew. Then there was a storm and Winn-Dixie ran off somewhere. Opal and her dad looked all over town but nowhere. Then they went back to the house and they saw Winn-Dixie under the table. He didn't run away, he was hiding. Then they had a good time.

Home Improvement Magazines
by Home Improvement Magazines

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In this magazine, i saw a lot of different things like People in their houses and them standing next to a wonderful space! This is because of the different companies that the magazine sponsors shows how the quality is and there is usually coupons on discounts for it and etc.

Magic Tree House The Knight At Dawn
by Mary Osborne Magic Treehouse

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Very good book to read to my brother due to its massive engagement in action and adventure

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