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Book Reviews
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One Of Us Is Lying
by Karen Mcmanus

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This book is really good and I like how the author made a cool storyline. The book is nailbiting and I want to read more as I go.

A Girls Guide To Murder
by Holly jackson

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A great story for those who like a spine shilling mystery!

by Stephanie Garber

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Legendary is the second book in the Caraval trilogy which was written by Stephanie Garber. As the first book in the trilogy followed Scarlett’s life, this book follows the life of younger sister, Tella. After saving her older sister from their father and her arranged marriage, she herself gets stuck in a situation. Tella accepts a bargain from a criminal which is impossible to find. She finds out that the only way of completing her end of the bargain is to win Caraval, so she joins the competition once again. Throughout the competition, she is led through many secrets, including her own sister’s. I definitely recommend people to read Legendary by Stephanie Garber. People who have read the first book in the trilogy will enjoy this book. Tella’s story is more established in this story and gives readers a sense of both sister, Scarlett and Tella.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
by JK Rowling

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This book is great for anyone 10 and up. It allows the reader to suspend reality and dive into a world of exciting magic, cunning enemies, firm friendships, and adventures.

Born A Crime
by Trevor Noah

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Easy read, interesting to learn about apartheid from Trevor’s viewpoint

A Good Girls Guide To Murder
by Holly Jackson

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This book is super interesting I love it!

Other Words For Home
by Jasmine Warga

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I really liked this book and I liked the characters in it as well!

Martha's Vineyard
by Susan Branch

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Checked it put at the library a while ago. Started it and loved, so decided to buy it.  It's a hand written book with beautiful illustrations by the author. Very unique. The story is about a very transitional time in the author's life. It's a real "butterfly" tale. She goes into a cocoon of sorts after the break up of her marriage and discovers herself and a whole new creative life. She tells the story with a lot of humor, so the book is fun to read as well as inspirational.

by Alice Oseman

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Lovely book. The first volume was very interesting and I would recommend to anyone who likes teen romance.

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

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The Giver is a haunting story about twelve years old Jonas,who lives in an ideal,colorless,world according to the laws and rules. The author makes up for the rules,guidelines and restrictions.The features like not having any emotions or free will.You can also find some similarities between their world and our own.The novel presents the beauty and importance of the human condition.I think about the book is that it is not predictable and it shows the jonas started to change and act for the better and the giver gaves him more memories.I think other teens will like this book because this plot is amazing and the teens can related the book to our world and understand the importance of the community.